ABA, Trades Urge Congress to Protect Lawful Bank Calls

The American Bankers Association joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and several other industry trade groups yesterday in urging members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to ensure that banks and other businesses can communicate with their customers through calls and text messages using modern communications technology.  The letter was sent ahead of a subcommittee meeting today on legislative efforts to combat illegal automated calls.

The trade groups noted that while consumers are harmed by fraudulent and scam calls, “consumers are also harmed when they do not receive time-sensitive calls and text messages from legitimate businesses,” including banks. “Fraud alerts, data breach notifications, reminders to renew prescriptions or schedule a visit to the doctor, notifications of power outages, and automobile recall notices are consumer-benefitting calls that must be placed immediately to be of value to the recipient.”

ABA has been heavily engaged in advocating the FCC to issue new rules to ensure that customers can receive important communications from their banks.