Montana Banker Op-Ed Urges Congress to Pass Reg Relief

In an op-ed in the Billings Gazette today, the Montana Bankers Association urged Congress to include regulatory relief measures in the long-awaited government spending bill. The op-ed came just after legislators passed a short-term funding measure to allow negotiations on the bill to extend until Dec. 16.

“Not a day passes that bankers across our state aren’t stymied by ill-fitting government rules that some in Washington believe will help, but actually hinder bankers from meeting the needs of deserving customers,” wrote Sam Waters, a community banker and Vice Chairman for the Montana Bankers Association. “Every single one of my colleagues who leads a state-based association of bankers representing community bankers agrees with the need for regulatory relief now.”

ABA has been aggressively petitioning legislators to include key regulatory relief provisions in the bill through its Pass Reg Relief Now campaign, which has consisted of an all-out grassroots and advertising push.


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