ABA’s Keating Named to Washington Power List

ABA President and CEO Frank Keating has been named to Washington Life magazine’s “The Power 100” list. Others on the list — which recognizes “Washington insiders who parlay knowledge, access, influence and wealth into real power” — include Bill and Hillary Clinton, MSNBC host Chris Matthews, AOL co-founders Steve and Jean Case, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine LaGarde and private equity titan David Rubenstein.

Keating “has plenty of experience with large-scale management and he has used it well with regard to his current job representing the $15 trillion banking industry,” the magazine said.

Asked by Washington Life for his advice for people who would one day like to hold a position of power, Keating’s “first principle” was “to enjoy what you do.” “Talent and time-in-grade will promote you, but if you dislike your job, you will become glum [and]grim,” he said. “When you find the right fit, your leadership will stimulate and empower.”