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Help Us Help U.S.

By Dorothy Savarese Help me help you. That’s not only one of several memorable lines made famous by the movie Jerry Maguire. It’s also the essence of the message ABA has sent to our nation’s elected leaders. In a letter to President Donald Trump the day after his election, and in our communications with the 115th Congress, ABA has asked ...

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Legal Briefs: The Great Credit Union Capers

By Dawn Causey, Thomas Pinder and Andrew Doersam There they go again! 
In the famous words of former President Reagan, the National Credit Union Administration is once again reprising its cheerleading role for the credit union industry and ignoring the tenets of the Federal Credit Union Act that justify the credit union tax exemption. And, once again, ABA has filed ...

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ABA Compliance Center Inbox, January/February 2017

When Do I Need to Provide an Updated Closing Disclosure? Q: The TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures regulation set forth instances when a corrected closing disclosure and a restart of the three-business-day waiting period are required. Is re-disclosure required when there is a change to the loan amount that does not change the loan product, add a prepayment penalty or cause the APR ...

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