ABA, associations urge FCC to stop bad actor callers from impersonating banks

The American Bankers Association and eight financial trade associations on Wednesday expressed support for the Federal Communications Commission’s latest in a series of proposals to stop bad actors from placing outbound calls that impersonate banks and other businesses.

In a joint letter spearheaded by ABA, the trade groups expressed agreement with the FCC that a caller ID device can be used to provide confirmation to the consumer that an incoming call was not illegally spoofed. The groups urged the FCC to prohibit the display of data on the consumer’s caller ID device when the authenticity of the incoming call cannot be adequately verified through a direct and verified relationship with the call originator. The groups also expressed support for the FCC’s proposal to require terminating and intermediate providers to block calls when notified by the commission.

The associations urged the FCC to protect the lawful and consumer-benefitting calls that banks and other financial institutions place. They also asked the FCC to require voice service providers and their third-party analytics service providers to provide notification to callers when imposing a derogatory label—such as “spam”—on a call and provide an opportunity for the caller to dispute the label.