JPMorgan Chase Survey: 88% of Business Leaders Optimistic About Next Six Months

Eighty-eight percent of midsize business leaders are optimistic about their company’s performance in next six months, up significantly from 56% one year ago and the highest percentage recorded in 11 years of JPMorgan Chase’s Business Leaders Outlook Pulse survey, the bank said yesterday.

The survey also found that 80% of business leaders anticipate a rise in revenue and sales and that 46% expect to increase investments in capital expenditures, with 38% expecting an increase in credit needs for the rest of the year.

Optimism about the broader economy also increased, with 76% of business leaders optimistic about their local economy and 75% optimistic about the national economy, and both of those figures were up at least 40 percentage points from a year ago. Optimism about the global economy also soared to 53%, its highest level since 2018, after coming in at just 17% last summer.