Rebranding Your Bank: A Series

ABA Bank Marketing presents an exclusive five-part series on the when, why, what and how of rebranding a bank. The series includes:

When Is It Time for a Rebrand? by Marilyn Kennedy Melia
While it’s nothing to be lightly entered into, rebranding isn’t n a process to avoid, either. But it does require the full support and commitment of leadership.

Finding the Right Partner for a Rebrand, by Marilyn Kennedy Melia
Just as the aim of rebranding is to express a bank’s unique positioning, each bank will have its own approach to selecting a partner. Still, there are some broad similarities.

Building a Strategy for Your Rebrand, by Marilyn Kennedy Melia
A look at naming considerations and other key elements that banks have employed to forge a strategy for rebranding.

Rebrand Implementation: What the Details Demand, by Deb Stewart
While the implementation phase could be the most complicated part of the rebranding process, it also offers great opportunities. Some of them your bank may not have even considered when it made the decision to rebrand.

Measuring the Success of a Rebrand, by Mark Gibson
Measurement and metrics are essential to successful rebranding. But how? What should we be measuring and how do we capture the information in a timely manner?