Raising the Retail Profile

Podcast Interview with Josh Mabus

There’s a sea-change taking place in bank marketing—a shift in perspective from seeing the marketing department as an expense to supporting it as a revenue generator. But you have to be able to establish your value at the boardroom table. For the many marketers involved in customer experience, there’s an opportunity to use that exposure to drive retail deposits.

At the recent at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, ABA SVP Shelly Loftin met with Josh Mabus of the Mabus Agency to talk through retail strategy. As the core deposit relationship goes, Mabus said, “so the rest of the banking relationship goes. Even a business owner—if we have their personal deposit account, and we make them happy, we’re probably going to get their mortgage, but we’re also probably going to get their business.”

What goes into the type of customer experience that will make people that happy?

To find out, Mabus sent one of his employees out into the community with $1,000 cash to open a small account at 10 different banks. The result: an in-depth look at the retail customer experience—and surprising insights on the brand impression, branch experience, website, mobile app, and fee structure at a cross-section of national, regional and community banks.

Listen in on Loftin and Mabus’s podcast interview to hear more about how to take a holistic approach to a better customer experience.

If you can’t see the audio player above, click here to listen to Shelly Loftin’s interview with Josh Mabus.

The interview was recorded at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore.