Congress Passes Government Funding Bill Overnight

In the wee hours today, shortly after the government entered a partial shutdown due to a lapse in funding, Congress voted to send a government funding bill to President Trump. The bill continues government funding through March 23, and it also includes a bipartisan budget agreement that paves the way for a longer-term spending bill through the rest of the fiscal year.

The Senate voted 71 to 28 to pass the bill, and the House cleared it by a 240 to 186 vote. The budget agreement provides for approximately $300 billion in additional federal spending over the next two years. In addition to funding the government through March 23, the bill also funds the U.S. military through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30 and increases disaster aid in the wake of 2017’s devastating hurricanes.

While the government technically shut down at midnight today, once Trump signs the bill as expected, government agencies will be able to operate as usual this morning.