FDIC Releases Draft Strategic Plan for Comment

The FDIC today released an updated draft of its strategic plan for 2018-2022 for public comment. Comments are due on Dec. 15. The agency’s strategic goals include ensuring that insured depositors are protected from loss without recourse to taxpayer funding, that FDIC-supervised banks are safe and sound, that consumers’ rights are protected and banks are investing in their communities, that large banks can be resolved in an orderly manner in the event of bankruptcy and that resolutions are orderly and receiverships are managed effectively.

The FDIC noted that it will continue to face challenges from shifting economic conditions that are likely to affect the performance of individual banks and the financial system over the next four years. In addition to the economy, the FDIC will also continue to focus on several priority issues including the future of community banking, managing risks posed by large and complex financial institutions, cybersecurity and information technology, economic inclusion and workforce development.


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