Fed Gov. Powell Highlights Focal Points for Reg Reform

Noting the progress made over the last several years to improve the strength and resiliency of the U.S. financial system, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell today pointed to several key areas that the Fed is currently focusing on for regulatory reform. Powell’s comments echoed his testimony last week before the Senate Banking Committee.

Specifically, Powell noted that the Fed will look to simplify and recalibrate existing regulations for small and medium-sized banks, including call report and exam cycle requirements and certain capital rules. The agency is also considering changes to resolution plans, including an extension of the cycle from one year to two years; a reassessment of the Volcker rule; changes to increase the transparency of the stress testing process; and recalibrations to the supplementary leverage ratio.

“U.S. banks today are as strong as any in the world,” he said. “As we consider the progress that has been achieved in improving the resiliency and resolvability of our banking industry, it is important for us to look for ways to reduce unnecessary burden.”


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