Are You Compliant?

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When the debris from the global financial crisis was finally cleared away, glaring deficiencies in global systemically important banks (G-SIBS) were laid bare. Regulators uncovered serious inadequacies in the way banks were collecting and reporting on customer data.

Thus began the global push for accountable data governance. Since then, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued regulation BCBS 239 to closely monitor data management in G-SIBS, domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs) and other large banks.

BCBS 239 became effective in January of 2016 – yet nearly half of the targeted organizations worldwide are not compliant. If you fall on that side of the equation, compliance should be your top priority.

Read “BCBS 239: Accelerating Compliance” for a fast-track roadmap through the challenges – and opportunities – in reaching robust data governance.