A New Way to Look at Millennials

New Infographic on Millennials Offered by ABA

It’s no secret that bankers have been grappling with how to engage the latest population of potential bank customers—the millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, this generation is the largest in U.S. history. But having come of age during an era of economic turmoil and unprecedented technological change, millennials tend toward different behaviors and attitudes than older bank customers. Adapting to their emerging needs and expectations will be critical to banks’ survival.

To help bankers navigate this terrain, ABA has developed a new infographic and launched a suite of resources specifically focused on millennial issues in banking.

The infographic provides a bird’s-eye view of the economic and social trends that inform millennials’ banking decisions. It also explores how millennials tend to engage with financial providers as “digital natives,” whose top preference is mobile banking. For ideas on how banks can position themselves to succeed with millennials—and subsequent generations—view the infographic.

ABA’s new suite of millennial resources includes news, training opportunities, ABA endorsed solutions, and other resources from across the industry. Learn more at aba.com/millennials.