Washington Examiner: Nichols Has ‘Pedal to the Metal’ on Reg Relief

In an interview published in Washington Examiner on Saturday, incoming ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols emphasized regulatory relief as the top legislative priority for the fall at ABA. “We’re going to push very aggressively, very rigorously for regulatory reform,” he said. “It’s hard to determine exactly how that will play out. We will keep our pedal to the metal throughout the next several months.”

Nichols highlighted an emerging bipartisan consensus in Congress around regulatory relief — “a recognition on the part of many in Congress that some of the policy response has ensnared smaller banks in a way that was not intended” — but that the crowded legislative calendar and overall dynamics on Capitol Hill leave the final outcome “unclear.”

In the interview, Nichols also addressed longer-term priorities, such as helping banks reach the millennial generation and navigating the convergence of technology and banking.