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The National Credit Union Administration received a record 3,086 comment letters on its proposed rule to expand member business lending, the agency said this week. Bankers responding to ABA’s call to action helped ensure that the majority of those letters – 2,759, according to NCUA – were opposed to the proposal. “This response makes a

Commercial Lending

ABA President and CEO Frank Keating kept up the pressure on the National Credit Union Administration and the credit union industry with an op-ed today in The Hill noting that — in addition to being exempt from taxes — credit unions enjoy a “compliant federal regulator that often acts like a cheerleader for the industry it is supposed to be supervising.”

Commercial Lending

National Credit Union Administration Chairman Debbie Matz will appear before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit tomorrow — her first appearance before Congress since 2011 — and ABA urged House members to hold NCUA accountable for its efforts to subvert congressional intent.


National Credit Union Administration Chairman Debbie Matz today said that her agency would this fall issue a supplemental rule for risk-based capital that would count certain forms of debt — for example, subordinated debt issued to CU members and non-members — toward the risk-based capital ratio. “This is the year of regulatory relief,” she said. “As part of modernizing risk-based capital, I am committed to counting supplemental capital in full.”

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