FEMA: NFIP Overhaul Could Have Uneven Consequences for States

Ahead of an expected announcement on changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has begun posting information suggesting that the changes will have an uneven effect on states. For example, states in coastal, hurricane-prone areas could see different rate increases or decreases; according to state-by-state fact sheets, about 20% of Florida policyholders will see their rates decrease, compared to just 14% of policyholders in Texas and 13% in Hawaii, according to a Politico analysis.

FEMA is expected to officially announce details of its “Risk Rating 2.0” plan tomorrow. These changes will “fundamentally change the way FEMA prices insurance and determines an individual’s property flood risk,” and are intended to deliver rates that more accurately reflect flood risk.

View state-by-state fact sheets: