Lights, Camera, Save! Video Contest Winners Announced

Indiana student Luke Wiley won the first-place grand prize of $5,000 in the ABA Foundation’s Lights, Camera, Save! video contest, the foundation announced today. In Luke’s film, “A Time to Save,” Wiley is visited by future versions of himself at different ages, encouraging him to hold off on buying unnecessary items now and instead saving for life’s inevitable curveballs. The video was entered in the contest by Security Federal Savings Bank in Logansport, Ind.

“With a creative story line and outstanding visual effects, Luke successfully highlights the importance of saving and smart money management,” said ABA Foundation Executive Director Corey Carlisle. “His video will be a fantastic tool for inspiring other students to make saving a priority.”

The two other grand prize winners were second-place Julia Hocker’s “Saving to Give,” entered by Burke & Herbert Bank in Alexandria, Va., and third place Taylor Brown’s “Cash Flow,” entered by Centric Bank in Harrisburg, Penn.