Blanton: ‘Harness the Power’ of Personal Stories

Bankers must use stories to communicate their values and the contributions banks make to their communities, said new ABA Chairman Dan Blanton in remarks to ABA’s Annual Convention today.

In an emotional speech, Blanton told personal stories about “five old men” who taught him important life lessons: loyalty from his father, T.V. Blanton; listening from his father-in-law, Bob Pollard; lending discipline from colleague Levings Laney; professionalism from banking mentor Russell Blanchard; and expertise from board member Bill Copenhaver.

“I wanted to share these stories with you as there are some lessons here for all of us as ABA members, too,” Blanton said. “I hope we can harness the power of our bankers, directors and customers to better tell our story” — and thus better communicate the industry’s advocacy message in Washington and its value proposition to current and future customers. Watch a video on Blanton.