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Compliance and Risk

In response to the FDIC’s recently announced initiative to streamline its Financial Institution Letters and other communications, the American Bankers Association in a comment letter on Wednesday urged the FDIC to withdraw its supervisory expectations with respect to bank overdraft payment programs and to rescind its 2013 guidance on deposit advance programs.


The American Bankers Association yesterday wrote to the Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC in support of an interim final rule the agencies issued recently implementing an ABA-advocated provision of S. 2155 that expands the pool of what counts as high-quality liquid assets under the Liquidity Coverage Ratio.


When asked to rank eight key provisions of S. 2155 — the new regulatory reform law — based on their likelihood to positively affect their institution, community and midsize bank executives said that the law’s provision amending the Federal Deposit Insurance Act to make most reciprocal deposits non-brokered ranked highest.

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