CFPB Proposes Changes to Publicly Available HMDA Data

The CFPB today issued policy guidance on the loan-level Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data it will make available to the public under the revised HMDA data collection rules, which take effect in 2018.

Noting concerns over consumer identity protection—which ABA raised several times to the bureau in previous comments—the CFPB is proposing to not publicly disclose a number of data points, including the universal loan identifier, the application date, the date of action taken by the bank on a covered loan or application, the address of the property securing the loan and the credit score or scores relied on in making the credit decision.

The bureau also proposed changes that would reduce the precision of values reported for several data fields, such as the amount of the covered loan applied for, the age of an applicant or borrower, or a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio. For more information, contact ABA’s Rod Alba.


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