Farmer Mac Hits the Road in 2016

Don’t let today’s changing ag economy, competitive pressure, interest rate risk and lending limits hold you back from growing profits and gaining market share. Attend one of Farmer Mac’s free credit-focused road shows throughout the country in September and October to learn about the strategies, tactics and solutions Farmer Mac lenders are using to preserve and grow relationships with their farm and ranch customers.

Farmer Mac will present information on current pricing options and trends for popular loan products; secondary market options for capital, liquidity and credit risk management; a timely update on the ag economy, and more. (ABA, through its Corporation for American Banking subsidiary, endorses Farmer Mac’s secondary market programs, and members enjoy preferred rates.) Learn how Farmer Mac solutions are helping banks serve America’s farmers and ranchers.

Learn how Farmer Mac solutions can help banks continue to serve America’s farmers and ranchers in these challenging times. Space is limited. Find a workshop in your area.