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By a bipartisan 16-4 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the PATENT Act (S. 1137), which would seek to reduce abuse of the patent system through vaguely worded demand letters sent to businesses by patent trolls.


Warning against “the mistake of believing that we have put an end to financial crises” at the International Monetary Conference in Toronto today, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer defended the international post-financial crisis regulatory regime as necessary to prevent similar crises in the future.

Compliance and Risk

The Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC on Friday launched the third round of comments in the decennial Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act review cycle, which is mandated by Congress in order to identify bank regulations that are outdated, unnecessary or burdensome.


The Dodd-Frank Act’s asset threshold for systemically important financial institutions is set too low and should be replaced by a more tailored approach, ABA President and CEO Frank Keating said in a letter to the editor published Sunday in the Washington Post.


The regulatory reform bill introduced by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) was approved by the committee today. The ABA-supported bill would provide regulatory relief for community, mid-size and regional banks, tailor the regulatory structure for systemically important banks and begin restructuring within the Federal Reserve System and at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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