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Around 6% of outstanding first-lien mortgages in June 2020 were reporting zero payment due based on credit bureau data, up from essentially none in February—thus indicating some kind of coronavirus-related payment relief, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a report today.


In a new survey from Providence, Rhode Island-based Citizens Financial Group, business leaders said that a bank’s ability to provide access to real-time payment and settlement services was the second-most-important factor when choosing a banking partner, after a bank’s ability to provide solutions throughout the business life cycle.


The Federal Reserve today released more details about its forthcoming FedNow service to provide real-time payments settlement and clearing, including phased elements of the FedNow service.


Along with a coalition of bank trade groups and consumer advocacy organizations, ABA today urged the House to pass S. 3841, which would protect 2020 economic impact payments made under the CARES Act or other legislation from court-ordered garnishment.

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