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NCR, a leading provider of consumer transaction technologies, today announced that it is launching a new cloud-based enterprise software platform for ATMs. The software, called Kalpana, runs ATMs remotely on an Android operating system and is designed to reduce costs and increase ATM security.

Compliance and Risk

ABA President and CEO Frank Keating in a letter yesterday shared members’ concerns about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent decision to publish consumer complaint narratives, and he urged the bureau to improve its portal and database to help “mitigate unfair and inaccurate reputational damage to the banking industry.”

Retail and Marketing

By Jeff Marsico Developing and documenting your strategy to grow revenues—be it by focusing on a customer segment, product group or geography—should not stop when the plan is blessed by your board of directors. This is only the beginning. To execute your plan, you must turn back and face the bank that you have. A