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After Tax Reform, Chase Announces $20B Investment in Workforce, Loan Growth

J.P. Morgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank holding company by assets, today announced a $20 billion set of investments in employees, its branch network and philanthropic commitments. The company joined a wave of banks making similar announcements after the historic tax reform bill was signed in December, and it attributed the news not only to the tax bill but also ...

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A Preference for Plastic

By Monica C. Meinert It’s a fairly well-known fact that consumers in the U.S. are increasingly choosing to make cashless payments. Gallup reports that just under a quarter of people (24 percent) make some or all of their purchases with cash, down from 36 percent five years ago. As noncash payments continue to dominate—totaling almost $178 trillion in 2015—the Federal ...

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‘SMID’ Banks Back in Favor: What to Make of the Rally

By Christopher McGratty Nearly seven years since the federal funds rate was effectively cut to zero, it is widely believed that interest rates are set to slowly move higher later this year. Whether the inaugural 25 basis point move-up occurs in September or December, timing is now being measured in months, not years. This expectation for rates—both absolute yields and ...

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