ABA, trade groups urge FCC to require call authentication for non-IP networks

ABA on Monday joined the Credit Union National Association and other trade associations in submitting a reply comment that reiterated their previous request that the Federal Communications Commission require voice service providers to implement a caller ID authentication solution over non-IP networks.

Non-IP networks are believed to be a primary means by which bad actors illegally “spoof” the phone numbers used by banks and other legitimate callers to place outbound calls—that is, they cause the call recipient’s caller ID to display the name of a legitimate company instead of the name of the actual caller, who is seeking to defraud the recipient.

The reply follows an initial comment led by ABA that made the same request to the FCC. In the reply, the associations summarized other comments that supported their contention that the transition from non-IP networks to IP networks will take time and that providers should be required to implement existing call authentication solutions on non-IP networks.