ABA’s Nichols Discusses Leading with Kindness, Humility

In a recent Forbes interview highlighting his role as a banking industry leader, American Bankers Association President and CEO Rob Nichols flagged humility and kindness as two of the core leadership principles that have guided him throughout his career. A critical part of that, he noted, is sharing successes with others. “That inspires greatness in others,” he said. “It inspires them to work harder, and it inspires them to better themselves.”

Nichols reflected on the many successes ABA experienced in 2018, including the passage of the first bipartisan regulatory reform bill in years, a new venture investment in a fintech firm, a record-high number of new ABA member banks and the America’s Banks campaign, which highlights the positive role banks play in their communities.  He added that he views the financial industry’s work as a noble mission. “The intermediation of capital, if done efficiently, effective and safely, can be a powerful thing,” he said. “It can create job growth and prosperity.”