Bright Lights, Brighter Future

Video Interview with Justin Jack and Jeni Pastier

Bank marketers looking to flex their financial education muscles, score some positive PR, and boost visibility with the next generation of customers should hear what Justin Jack has to say. He’s the marketing specialist from Extraco Banks who brought the Lights, Camera, Save! program to his bank in 2015. Extraco’s northern region president, Mark Reynolds, would later say that the contest was “one of the best customer and employee experiences” of the year.

Lights, Camera, Save! (LCS!) is the ABA Foundation’s annual student video contest. It engages teens in educating themselves and their peers about the value of saving and using money wisely.

What made it so great for Extraco?

It helped the bank forge new connections with schools, students and their parents—both existing customers and prospects from across the state. It harvested a fresh batch of financial education content, ideal for posting and sharing. And when one of the Extraco entrants won the national competition, the bank got bragging rights for helping to launch a young person on a college education and a vocational passion.

ABA makes it easy for banks to host a local LCS! contest by providing all the necessary training, materials and resources free of charge.

Listen in as Justin joins ABA’s Jeni Pastier to explain how it all works to the Marketing Money Podcast team.

The interview with Jeni and Jack was recorded at the 2017 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.