Creating a Memorable Brand Experience

Video Interview with Becca Hoeft

Ever heard of Apple, Harley-Davidson and Disney? Chances are, you know someone—or more likely, many people—who are loyal devotees of one or more of those brands. That’s because these are companies that have figured out how to build an entire belief system around their brand.

For banks, designing a brand experience starts with building the brand from the inside out. That means creating a narrative based on trust, not just with customers, but also with employees, the internal stakeholders of the company.

To get the inside story, Chukwukere Ekeh of Renasant Bank interviewed Becca Hoeft of Sunrise Banks at the 2017 Bank Marketing Conference, where they talked about building a brand that fosters personal connections between the bank and the people it serves.

Ready for a crash course on branding for banks? Watch Becca’s first-hand account in the video below.

This interview was recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.