Cutting through the Clutter

Video Interview with Shon Aguero

Think for a moment about the ways artists distinguish themselves. Many of them are working with the same basic tools and materials to create a recognizable art form. But it’s how they use those tools to convey a message that can make their work remarkable. In this way, banks are—surprisingly—not that different.

With so much overlap among products and services, every bank faces the challenge of finding ways to stand out in the crowd and hence, keep the business moving. That’s why banks are looking to reinvigorate existing products and bring their latest innovations to a growing audience.

At the 2017 Bank Marketing Conference, Chukwukere Ekeh of Renasant Bank sat down with Shon Aguero of Landmark Bank to discuss strategies that community banks can implement to set themselves apart in a competitive market.

  • Plutonium (not platinum) credit card?
  • High resolution rate for first call?
  • Data analytics to target customers based on demographics?
  • Extensive training for staff to improve customer relations?

Shon talks about these and other initiatives taking place at Landmark Bank—and the creative process of bank marketing, from formulating ideas to attaining results.

This interview was recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.