A Toolkit for Video Magic on Social Channels

Video Interview with Jeff Januszek

Bank videos can be more than just the slick 30-second commercials you see on TV. The world of social media has changed all that—and banks need to catch up.

This goes without saying, but you also need to show an adequate return on investment. So this is no time to try winging it.

When you’re working with social media channels, it’s especially important to think through how you can use video to create a surprise. How you can connect your audience with an emotion. And how to pique their interest so that they’re stopping on your videos as they scroll through their timeline.

At the 2017 Bank Marketing Conference, Chukwukere Ekeh of Renasant Bank sat down with social media video expert Jeff Januszek to find out how it’s done.

The toolkit Jeff describes in this interview might surprise you.

This interview was recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.

Jeff will be leading a Bonus Learning Lab at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, September 23-25. This three-hour mini-camp will help you pound out a winning video strategy. From blocking-and-tackling, to game planning, to winning execution and reporting, build a plan that will score big with your CEO.