A Brand Story for the Ages

You don’t need to be a whiskey drinker—or a historian—to be familiar with a 19th century Tennessee distiller by the name of Jack Daniels. In the 100+ years since the death of “Mr. Jack,” his name has become a brand so iconic that its label has become a popular tattoo.

Will your bank brand ever be tattoo-worthy? We’d really rather not think about that. But we would like to consider how a brand can transcend its creator, its origins, and even its own product to become woven into the fabric of a cultural identity.

So we sat down with Jason Loehr to talk about how Brown-Forman has cultivated the Jack Daniels legacy. Here’s what he told us about brand storytelling, authenticity, and what it all means for banks.


Jason’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Nashville.

Learn more about brand storytelling when David Beebe delivers the keynote address at the 2017 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans, September 24-26.