Maybe the Best Banking Advice Ever

These days, it sure isn’t easy to be a banker. Between the tsunamis of criticism leveled at the industry and a volcanic regulatory landscape, it’s tough to find safe ground. But ain’t nobody going to tell Patti Blenden when to go home.

She’s been in banking since she was 15, and despite the stink-eye some people cast on banking, she continues to believe in it. Why? Because banks make a difference. They provide the financial lifeblood of our communities and our country.

But mediocre doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to be better than the best.

Still in? Then listen up as Ms. Blenden, CRCM, and president of Financial Solutions for Growing Companies, Inc. talks about finding reasonable approaches in an unreasonable environment.

Patti’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Denver.