Commercial Banking Gets Personal

Imagine an ice cream truck that can deliver nearly $20 million in new commercial lending. Or a small-business partnership program that can convert prospects into borrowers four times faster. Or a marketing effort that promotes a bank’s most valuable assets and gets HR to cover the cost. It’s a new day for commercial bank marketing.

Were you thinking that bank marketing is tougher when the retail environment is irrelevant? Jeff Gardner, Director of Marketing Strategy at Umpqua Bank, will set you straight. Marketing a commercial banking program becomes simpler when you realize that your relationships with customers take priority over your relationships with media and advertising. And when you allow the banker to be the brand.

Hear Jeff’s story in his own words, and learn how some new twists on old-fashioned outreach turned a marketing conundrum into replicable success.

Jeff’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Denver.