5 Keys to Digital Marketing Success

Are you looking for ways to make digital marketing work for your bank?  You are not alone.  Digital marketing is all about addressing your particular business need by delivering the right content to the right customer at the right moment.

Amber Farley, executive vice president of FMS Social, a division of Financial Marketing Solutions, a branding and advertising agency for banks, offers these five key ideas to increase your visibility online and ultimately your success:

  1. Focus on your mobile strategy so you are there in your customer’s moment of relevance.
  2. Recognize that search engine optimization and search engine marketing are both essential but require very different strategies.
  3. Implement a compliant social media strategy.
  4. Deliver relevant, personalized marketing messages on a regular basis.
  5. Create content that delivers value to your audience.

Get Amber’s insights, and learn why she says if you do nothing else you should focus on three very specific Google products.

Amber’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Denver.

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