ABA Wins Additional Time to Request Access to Military Database

ABA has won additional time for banks to request access to a key compliance resource. Following requests from ABA and other groups, the Department of Defense on Friday extended the deadline to request direct access to the Pentagon’s Defense Manpower Data Center database until Feb. 15.

“With the additional time secured, ABA urges all banks to request direct access,” said ABA SVP Nessa Feddis. “Under the new Military Lending Act requirements, all banks are well-advised to verify the military status of all applicants for covered consumer loans.”

Directly accessing the database provides lenders with the quickest way to verify military status for applicants applying for consumer credit — other than a mortgage or purchase money loan — as required by the MLA, which takes effect in October. The free direct connection provides immediate answers, whereas making batch queries via the DMDC website can take up to 24 hours.

The third option for complying is to request information about applicants from the three principal credit bureaus. Both the database and the website provide information about all covered borrowers, including dependents, however, the credit bureaus do not provide information about dependents under the age of 18.

In order to access the database directly, bankers must by Feb. 15 email [email protected]. Bankers may include a subject line stating “Request of [bank name]for direct connection to the DMDC database to determine military status” and repeating the request, along with the bank’s full name, address and contact information in the body of the email. For more information, contact Feddis.