ABA, Groups Request Extension for DMDC Access Deadline

ABA and several trade associations today requested that the Department of Defense extend its deadline for financial institutions to opt-in for access to the Pentagon’s Defense Manpower Data Center database until March 1, 2016. The database provides lenders with a way to verify military status for applicants applying for consumer credit other than a mortgage or purchase money loan as required by the Military Lending Act, which takes effect in October.

The DoD announced earlier this year that financial institutions would have until Feb. 1 to opt-in for direct access to the database by emailing [email protected]. The groups pointed out that the current deadline may not give institutions ample time to analyze their options for fulfilling their regulatory obligation under the new law, and that limiting the availability of the database may negatively affect smaller and midsize institutions.

Bankers who intend to request access via the above email address may include a subject line stating “Request of [bank name]for direct connection to the DMDC database to determine military status” and repeating the request, along with the bank’s full name, address and contact information in the body of the email.

In addition to directly querying the database, lenders can verify military status for free through the DMDC website, or through the three credit bureaus (fees may apply). Both the database and the website provide information about all covered borrowers, including dependents, however, the credit bureaus do not provide information about dependents under the age of 18. For more information, contact ABA’s Nessa Feddis.


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