A CEO’s View of Culture

Are you looking to evolve from a culture of offering traditional transactional services to one where you build relationships and improve engagement with their customers?

It starts with developing your own unique brand strategy, and it helps if your CEO is completely bought in to living your brand. At Town and Country Bank, Springfield, Ill. (assets: $500 million), President & CEO Micah Bartlett says searching for the “soul” of his bank and determining how they were going to compete lead to a defined purpose and a renewed culture at his bank.  The bank’s belief statement—Money should be a source of empowerment and not a source of anxiety—is now at the core of everything they do.

He believes two key ingredients were key in the years-long journey.  First was building an “authentic intention” so employees understood what the bank was doing and why.  Second was implementing a structured process to allow the changes to take hold.  It’s the difference, he says, between simply onboarding customers and having a successful outreach program.

Listen to Bartlett discuss how he developed a culture where employees believe they are not selling checking accounts and loans, but are helping customers with their own financial well-being.

Micah’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Denver.

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