ABA Adds Extra Webinar for ‘Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week’

To help bankers make the most of Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week on Sept. 21-25, ABA has announced an additional free webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 1 p.m. EDT. The webinar will cover all aspects of hosting a member of Congress in your bank, including how to sign up, invite your lawmakers and access participation materials.

Bankers across the country will welcome their senators and representatives into their banks on a week when lawmakers will be back in their home states, providing opportunities for lawmakers to see in person how banks operate, how regulations affect banks in real life and the roles banks play in their communities.

American Banker magazine recently featured Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week as a “new twist” on the pursuit of regulatory relief. “You don’t know how a banking operation works and what the customer experience is like, unless you are actually in the bank,” ABA EVP James Ballentine said in an interview. “I’ve had members of Congress call me after refinancing or buying a home saying, ‘Now I understand all the paperwork people have to go through when we pass these laws.’” For more information, contact ABA’s Erin Scheithe.