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Farm Banks Report Robust 2015 Performance

Farm banks increased their agricultural lending by 7.9 percent in 2015 and held $100.3 billion in ag loans at year’s end, according to the ABA Center for Agricultural and Rural Banking’s annual Farm Bank Performance Report released today.

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ABA, Associations Urge Congress to Protect Crop Insurance

In a joint letter yesterday, ABA and several farming industry groups called on congressional budget committees to protect crop insurance as they develop budget proposals for fiscal year 2017, urging them not to reopen the 2014 Farm Bill in their efforts to reduce the national deficit.

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Final Highway Bill Includes Modified Fed Dividend Cut

A group of senators and representatives today issued a reconciled version of a long-term highway funding bill that includes a modified but still substantial cut to the dividends paid on the Federal Reserve Bank stock that national banks and other Fed member banks are required to hold.

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