Millennials’ Money Stress Affecting Other Areas of Life

More than four in 10 U.S. millennials -- those aged 18 to 34 -- say they are “chronically stressed” about money, and that money stress is spilling over into their emotional well-being, leisure activities, personal relationships and physical health, according to a Bank of America/USA Today survey released today.

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CFPB Guidance Reiterates Changed Approach to RESPA Section 8

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a bulletin today describing its findings that Marketing Services Agreements are often used as a means to circumvent RESPA’s prohibitions on kickbacks and referral fees under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act’s Section 8 provisions.

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Consumer Delinquencies Fall in Second Quarter

Delinquencies on consumer loans fell significantly in the second quarter, driven by large declines in home loan-related delinquencies, according to the ABA Consumer Credit Delinquency Bulletin that was released today. Delinquencies fell in seven of the 11 loan categories.

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